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A Look At Ragaaz Academy

Established in 2018 with the vision of nurturing and providing a platform for budding talents, Ragaaz Music Academy offers Singing classes like Hindustani Vocals classes, Light Music classes, Western Vocal classes and music instrument classes like Guitar Classes, Keyboard/Piano classes, Drum Classes, Harmonium Classes as well as Audio-Video production courses. It is one of the best music academy in Gurgaon.

Affiliated with Trinity school of London & Rock School for western music and Pracheen Kala Kendra for Indian music courses Ragaaz Music Academy adheres to the best quality music training for each student.

Students not only learn from best faculty members in music but also get regular opportunities to perform in Open-Mic Saturday Jam Sessions in Gurgaon. For the students who really work hard and acquire certain caliber gets opportunity to record in our in-house fully equipped Recording Studio in Gurgaon branch. This is where there journey of becoming professional artist starts!

Hindustani Classical music classes


We believe in the transformative power of music and customize our music programs as per the specific need of the learner. This is a place where age is no bar for music learning and all you need is passion to learn & explore your innate talent!! Within this short timeframe, our students have achieved big success in the field of music by becoming well known artists.

We do it for passion and not as sheer business!

Music Workshops

Ragaaz Music Workshop is a vibrant and interactive platform where individuals come together to explore and enhance their musical and performing skills. These workshops provide a dynamic learning environment, fostering creativity and collaboration among participants. Students can meet different professional artists, music experts, and experts from the entertainment world who can give great insights on taking their skills to a professional level. 

Whether focused on a specific genre, instrument, or aspect of music theory, workshops often feature experienced instructors who share their expertise and guide participants through hands-on activities. The atmosphere of a music workshop is one of shared passion and a collective journey towards musical mastery, making it a rewarding experience for both beginners and seasoned musicians alike.

Music Classes


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